Title : Empowerment Training and Mentoring of Pregnant Women in Childbirth in Maternity Clinic X, Medan City, Indonesia
Authors : Samsider Sitorus
Issue Date : 08 Maret 2018
Abstract :

Abstract: Every woman desires persalinannya runs smoothly and can give birth to a baby with perfect. There are two ways, i.e., labor labor through vagina known as natural (normal) labor and childbirth or Caesarean Section (CS). The term childbirth caesarea section comes from the Latin cedere which means cutting or slashing. In the science of obstetrics, the term refers to surgery aimed at giving birth to a baby with open abdominal wall and uterus of the mother. Case study with Rapid Assessment Procedures (RAP) and the analysis of the theme. RAP (Rapid Assessment Procedure) is an approach or qualitative studies that can be done quickly (ranging from 1-2 month) about the conduct of the election-related labor. Other social researchers who do not have a profound anthropological background can do RAP. Empowerment by training and mentoring at the age of 28-40 week of pregnancy gives satisfactory results of pregnant women. Empowerment by training and mentoring of pregnant women can take the decision to choose a safe delivery: with vaginal childbirth. Experience in choosing childbirth imaged that expectant mothers giving birth because the election decisions expectant mothers understand that childbirth is a natural childbirth, medical tool sophisticated gives birth to the thought that CS is a secure delivery and quick process without considering the risk of delivery. Empowerment by training and mentoring give the perception of to the pregnant women in choosing childbirth this very needs to be applied at the maternity clinic when pregnant women are already getting bored with her pregnancy and want to immediately terminate pregnancies with childbirth CS. Physiological where labor must wait the coming pain so scary for pregnant women. Empowerment by training and mentoring very help pregnant women give birth in the selection decision.

Keyword(s) : Pregnant women, choose childbirth, empowerment, training, labor
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