Authors : Dini Lestrina
Issue Date : 29 Desember 2017
Abstract :

Obesity became a health problem because the number of objects had been increased every year.It did not cause mortality directly, but health problem which could push respond, proteomic, metabolic, kidney, and cardiovascular. Empiric Research finding predict metabolic syndrome was found 22% for overweight and 60% for obesity. A person could call metabolic syndrome if it found three criteria which increase from fasting glucose level, blood pressure, waist size, and HDL-Cholesterol. The purpose of this research was finding the relationship between obesity with metabolic syndrome in police in Polres Deli serdang. This research was done from March to May 2015. The research design was Cross Sectional, the number of sample was 82. The collecting data was obesity, KDL, HDL-Cholesterol, and triglycerides blood and blood pressure. Data collecting was done with interview, weight and height and the blood investigation and blood measurement. The data was done by researcher and enumerator helped and analysis from Public Hospital Deli Serdang. The data which had been collecting was examined and treated with computer system. Chi Square test data analysis would be continued with Risk Estimate test to know OR with α=0,05. Research finding was showed that obesity prevalence was 63.4%, metabolic syndrome was 35.4% followed with Hypertension 67.1%, PJK and DM. Bivariat analysis was showing that there was relationship with metabolic syndrome (p=0,049), and obesity status gave chance 3.17 metabolic syndrome. It was suggested for police in Polres Deli Serdangto do more physical exercises and consume low food calories. It could help them lose their weight.

Keyword(s) : Obesity, Metabolic Syndrome, Police.
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