Title : The Effectiveness of the use of a Pocket book in Sufferers in the Control of Hypertension in Teladan Medan Community Health Center
Authors : Lusiana Gultom
Issue Date : 08 Maret 2018
Abstract :


The prevalence of hypertension has always increased every year resulting in hypertension as a cause of death number three after a stroke. Based on the initial survey in Teladan Medan Community Health Center found in 2015 as much as 1750 case. This suggests that hypertension is always ranked top five in terms of the biggest disease in Medan with the number of sufferers is very unpredictable.

This research uses a quantitative approach with a true experiment method pretest and postest control group design. The population was sufferers of hypertension in Teladan Medan Community Health Center as much as 53 people. This research uses the technique of total population. Research results from 53 respondents who researched the Wilcoxon test results indicate that there is an influence of the giving pocket book control of knowledge of respondents with sig p 0.022 α <.0.005. Conclusion: there is a difference of knowledge before and after the granting of a pocket book in sufferers of hypertension control. Advice so that health workers can provide control pocket book as an attempt to overcome hypertension

Keyword(s) : effectiveness of a pocket book, lose control of hypertension sufferers
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Author's Institution : Polytecnic of Health, North Sumatra , Indonesia
Journal : International journal of Science and Research (IJSR)
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